From Fuji to Film

Gear arrival - 28th December

OK - it’s here.  It’s so darn pretty (#geekoutmoment).  I’m in love.

The new Baby

The new Baby

Time to put some film in….

<30 minutes pass>

OK.  I screwed that up.  Took the male approach and ignored instructions and just had a go.  Loaded it in and it wasn’t taking on the grommets to turn the film.  So I did the sensible thing and rewound it.  However I managed to rewind it all the way back into the film cartridge, meaning I can’t reload it….doh!

2nd attempt, this time with youtube help.  Success!!

Now to actually start to learn how to use it.  Here’s some of the resources I’ve started with:

Ultimate exposure calculator -

Matt Day -

Erik Kim for Zone Focusing -

So a few learnings early on:

  • With B&W exposure doesn’t need to be spot on…close enough leaning to over exposed is fine
  • Zone focusing is key to speed
  • I will be shooting at f8 or f11 on the street a lot of the time - particularly where I live
  • Sunny 16 rule requires brain work.  
  • I’m in trouble… and feeling pretty intimidated....!

More to follow!